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Brooke is a young girl who is about to take an amazing that begins when she awakes with a crown upon her head.  When Brooke forgets who she really is, it doesn't take long for her to realize that it's much better to be a princess with gratitude than a princess with attitude.  Go on this journey with Brooke in 'Confessions of a Pre-Teen Beauty Queen', the first of two stories in Princess Stories you'll be sure to love!

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In Savannah's Story, the young Savannah will take an unexpected that will lead her into one of her favorite places...her dollhouse!  That's right...when Savannah becomes disappointed with her older sisters, Brooke and Alexis, she makes a wish that takes her into an unexpected where she makes new friends, but quickly realizes the meaning of family.

Savannah's Story is going to be released sometime this fall, possibly in December through Anchor Group Publishing.  I will update the website as a time approaches closer, but please visit the publisher for other great authors and titles!


About Me:  Jodi Stone

I've been a dreamer all of my life...but in my wildest dreams I never imagined I would be published.  I've been writing and drawing for a long time and hope to one day be very successful.

I have an Associate's Degree in Education and will be graduating in December from USF with my Bachelor's Degree in English and Creative Writing.

I have an amazing support system....wonderful family and friends.  I have been married for over fourteen years and have three beautiful daughters that provide me inspiration for my stories daily!


Brooke, Alexis and Savannah:  My three little Butterflies whom I love and adore.  They give me strength to go on each day and write a little more.

I love these precious beings with all of my heart.  May we be blessed to spend a lifetime happy, healthy and with little time apart.

My inpirations+My daughters=Success and Happiness

What I'm working on now:  I am working on illustrations for my Easter Book which will be released through Anchor Group in the Spring of 2013, and working on a personal project with my daughter Savannah's upcoming 6th birthday...a story for her...and a Halloween short story where for the first time in all of my books, I will introduce friends into the lives of Savannah, Alexis and Brooke.   

My mind is always full of ideas and I hope to share them with the world, but more imporantly, I hope to spread the love of reading to my daughters and children everywhere!


Please stay tuned to the website for updates and upcoming stories!  I will frequently be updating the website but feel free to send me your thoughts and stay in touch at